Our Hunts

Our big game single species or combination fall and winter hunts start September 10th and continue through the end of March. Our spring Black Bear hunts are conducted from May 1st through June 30th.

With a multitude of species we are able to create some very unique big game combination hunts with a variety of species up to six animals.

Our California Bighorn hunts start September 10th and continue through October 20th. Mountain Mule Deer opens September 10th and continues through the Mule Deer rut to December 10th. Canadian Moose opens October 1st and continues through the Moose rutting season to the end of November.

Cougar, Lynx, and Bobcat open on November 15th and they can be hunted as a one, two, or three cat combination until February 15th. As the seasons of each individual species overlaps with another, it allows us to conduct these very unique combinations. September 10th through December 10th these combination hunts can be booked at a base rate for seven, ten, twelve, or fourteen days for a primary species or in combination with additional trophy fees as each additional species is harvested.